Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Faithful Place" by Tana French

Published: 2010
Read: 2011
Genre: fiction, mystery
Setting: Dublin, Ireland; modern time
Rating: 3
Review: Goodreads, I Write in Books
Author web site

Third book in the series of the Dublin Murder Squad.  In The Woods is her first book, where Detective Rob Ryan is the protagonist and Cassie Maddox is his partner.  In the second book,  The Likeness, Cassie is the protagonist and her boss, Frank Mackey is the supporting character.  In this book, Frank is the lonely protagonist but mid way through, French introduces a young detective named Stephen Moran who assists Frank, albeit reluctantly.

As with her other books, I found this to be a quick read.  A classic "who dun-it" story that moves along with no sluggish sections.  In the quest to be a more thoughtful reader, I am asking more questions and actually figured out who the culprit was early on.  Still, there were plenty of unforeseen twists and turns which kept me reading.  I wonder if she will write about Moran next?

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