Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Likeness" by Tana French

Published: 2008
Read: 2010
Genre: Fiction
Setting: Ireland

I read her first book, In The Woods and like her writing.  Feel very close to the character.  Sees things as she does - unfolding before me, as the reader.  I felt scared, angry, troubled, puzzled, thoughtful, combative, nervous right along with her.  Would like to read the 3rd book in the series, about Frank.

Story Synopsis
The story takes place when a young woman named Lexie Madison is found dead.  She could be Cassie Maddox’s twin.  Cassie and her boss, Frank Mackey made up Lexie when Cassie worked undercover at a University trying to infiltrate a drug ring on campus.  Lexie lives with 4 other post-grad students who are possible suspects.  Cassie goes undercover as Lexie and loses objectivity while living there.


First sentence:
“This is Lexie Madison’s story, not mine.  I’d love to tell you one without getting into the other but it doesn’t work that way”

Last sentence: 
“I hope those last few minutes worked like hell for her.  I hope in that half hour she lived all her million lives”.

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